Lounsberry Pedals Names MJP Sales Inc Exclusive US Distributor

MJP Sales Inc. has announced an exclusive US Distribution agreement with Lounsberry Pedals LLC, the maker of boutique pedals including the Organ Grinder, Wurly Grinder, Tall and Fat, and the brand-new Amp Rescue.

“It’s an honor to have this opportunity to work with a real innovator within the pedal community”, MJP Sales Inc. Owner Michael Prager said. “Greg Lounsberry has identified a genuine opportunity within this category and created a line of pedals that have a unique tone and texture that’s sure to pique the interest of guitarists, keyboardists, and bassists alike. And he also happens to be a fine gentleman as well. We expect great things from this partnership in 2018.”

"Mike Prager is a great guy and really understands what we are doing here at Lounsberry Pedals", stated Founder Greg Lounsberry. "I can't imagine better partner for building the brand and moving forward with our agenda for new product development."

Launched in 2016 from western Maryland, Lounsberry Pedals has captured the interest of musician’s looking to get that creamy preamp/overdriven sound. Initially appealing to organists with the Tall and Fat preamp and Organ Grinder overdrive, Lounsberry has expanded their line of multistage FET pedals to include guitarists with the Nigel and bassists with the Rupert. And just in time for 2018, the Amp Rescue is a pedal that enables solid state amps to produce the sonic characteristics of tube amps through gain staging, dynamics, and drive. It’s a powerful solution for musicians that want to reinvent their current amp without buying a new one.

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